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Brotherhood Of Satan

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Brotherhood Of Satan

Post by Karen on Tue 14 Sep 2010 - 10:13

The Mysterium Baphometus Revelatum.

This subject could be more described in easier terms then the title suggests. In much clearer vision the definition of this is as follows: The Mystery of Baphomet is now Revealed. Going back into the history of the Brotherhood, we find that many interesting occultists have been either secret members of the Brotherhood or either open members of the Brotherhood. Throughout the true history of our Infernal Order we have had many members that directly founded many other occult orders and hidden societies of those that practiced the Black Arts and the Lefthand Path. The Brotherhood has always inducted those that rose above the created norm of society to enter a dark society and order that accepts the embracing of the dark side or dark nature within all true Brotherhood Satanists.

We have always created chaos only to also later Balance it with order. The balance that a true Brotherhood member can achieve by understanding the two opposing forces of Nature and bending them to their WILL is REAL Magick but we also embrace the dark side of our Nature by understanding both death and the underworld of darkness. It is only in this darkness that the Eternal Light of Lucifer is found. Lay down within the open Brotherhood coffin to be raised by the strong Grip of the Master after truly experiencing death and BECOME reborn in the Light of Lucifer Inviticus and only then as a dark Initiate will you really understand the Mystery which is Babylon. Then as one of the Brotherhood we are ready to fully embrace life to the fullest and to always LIVE FOR TODAY and enjoy the Wicked Life. Love is the Law, Love Under Will but also realize that LUST is a NATURAL instinct of humankind that is quite normal but never forget the sacredness of sex and revere always the Sacred Prostitute as the personification of the dark deity that she is and as many Brotherhood members can REMEMBER.

The Brotherhood has always been a very secretive movement and it was no different here in the states then in France throughout the seventeen and eighteenth centuries. In France in 1810 a young man was born that would later be inducted into the secret Brotherhood and who would go on to become one of France's leading Freemasons and occultists. He, only 65 years later in 1875 died. His name was Eliphas Levi and from him the best known occult version of Baphomet or the Sabbatic Goat symbol has come down to us. There are many that have made the claim that their symbol of Baphomet is the only true lineage. This is a highly inaccurate statement. Many Satanic Brotherhood clergy also hold membership in the Gnostic Order of Knights Templar and hold true lineage to both the worship of Baphomet and the use of it in art or as a symbol. The Sabbatic Goat or Goat of Mendes which came from the mind of Eliphas Levi can and is also claimed by us as the first and foremost of our Baphomet symbols and Representations. With all of this said, I would like to go into the esoteric meaning of the Sabbatic Goat from the Brotherhood perspective and in great respect to Brotherhood luminary Eliphas Levi whom from the dark Brotherhood past is reaching out to you all with THE MYSTERIUM BAPHOMETUS REVELATUM.

A MYSTERY IS NO LONGER A MYSTERY ONCE IT HAS BEEN REVEALED TO THE INITIATE but we still will call them the Mysteries because they are reserved for the Initiate and kept from the Profane, which is a word used by the Brotherhood to describe one that is of the UNINITIATED and the BLIND to the TRUTH. It is known within the occult that the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn were greatly influenced by Eliphas Levi but the original Golden Dawn was NEVER founded upon an actual Brotherhood charter document, that statement was pure fabrication.

As we visualize Eliphas Levi's Sabbatic Goat we see a great deal of symbolism that is MEANT to be individually interpreted by the true student of the Brotherhood Mysteries. The Brotherhood has always made this statement about the use of symbology: THE MYSTERIES ARE VEILED IN ALLEGORY AND ILLUSTRATED BY SYMBOLS. What this means is that we as the INITIATED must look past the outer to see the inner meaning. There we will find the hidden truth. At the top of the illustration of the Sabbatic Goat you will see that Baphomet is CROWNED with a burning flame arising from the top of it. There is only one thing that this can esoterically represent to the serious occultist. The Brotherhood calls this Flame the Black Flame or the SPIRITUAL FIRE. It symbolizes the Light and Fire of ILLUMINATION that occurs when one truly BECOMES a Satanic Illuminati.

The crown upon the head of Baphomet represents the Brotherhoods acknowledgment of our Satanic deity Baphomet as the RULER SUPREME and Great Architect of the Universe.

The two Horns upon the head of Baphomet represent to the Brotherhood that they symbolize the duality in nature and all existing things upon this planet and other worlds. Without the Darkness there cannot be Light. One Horn is representing the feminine polarity and the other the masculine polarity. You could accurately say it is also what the twin pillars on Solomon's Porch mean in that they also represent the dark (Feminine) and the light (Masculine) both crowned with a globe or sphere of its own. A terrestrial for the dark and a celestial for the light. The Horns in short represent the balance of the Brotherhood Initiate that has truly learned and understood Magick in its greatest and highest sense.

A Pentacle or five pointed star is set into the forehead of Baphomet. Most students of the occult know that since Solomon, a Brotherhood Grand Master, this symbol as well as the six pointed star has been used to represent a mystery. The five pointed star represents the elemental or natural earth powers of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the fifth being SPIRIT or the soul or KA of the Initiate. The six pointed star represents the two original Brotherhoods of the Serpent or Snake which came to be called after the split between the Atlantean High Council, the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Brotherhood of Light. The fact that this five pointed star rests directly in the middle of its forehead also means to the trained eye that this was covering the third eye area and can be properly interpreted to mean that the Brotherhood student of Magick must learn to work and master the element forces of nature that surround them. Only by this inner mastership will you ever reach the Illumination and Enlightenment that the third eye truly represents. You will never be a Master to others if you are not even Master of your own life and destiny.
Baphomet is represented as having the head of a Goat, an ancient animal that had its own cult dedicated to it. A Cult of Fertility and carnal indulgence that gives reverence to our Dark Mother Earth whom the Brotherhood has always called THE GREAT MOTHER. The rest of the body of Baphomet is human representing the corporal body or shell of the Initiate where the spirit of Baphomet should reside within all true Brotherhood satanists whom have, of their own free will and accord BECOME a TEMPLE which houses the Spiritual Light. A Light-Bearer or Satanic Illuminati existing within the darkness of the soul and the Brotherhood. A shadow walker that can travel BETWEEN two worlds, the Natural and the Supernatural and the physical and spiritual planes of existence and manifestation. Only by making your body a Satanic temple can the Brotherhood truly INVOKE the Demons or Old Ones into ourselves or to act as our very own personal Guardian Demon, Angel, or Ancient Goddesses and Gods as they were once worshiped as and are still to this day by the Satanic Brotherhood.

Baphomet has both the Breasts of a Woman and the Phallus of a Man. This represents a merging of both aspects to make DEITY. Thus Baphomet represents neither Woman nor Man but rather BOTH. The Breasts represent our nurturing of other Brotherhood members as it is truly the nipples of our ancient Goddess, later called Demoness Lilith. Dark Mother of the Brotherhood. The Upright Phallus represents the virility and strength of the Brotherhood and Brotherhood Procreation. One arm of Baphomet is raised and the other arm is lowered. Both point to a crescent moon, one light and one dark. The upright and lowered arms of Baphomet represent the ancient maxim: As Above, so Below. This also means to understand our place in the Master's Plan and to realize we are ONE WORLD out of many and then take action to actualize a Satanic World Brotherhood.

Secrecy is still the greatest of protections that the Brotherhood has persevered but we each must stand up as Satanists and make a difference in our world. This will NOT be done by remaining disorganized but rather by forming a real Brotherhood bond that can not be broken between Satanists, Dark Occultists, Dark Witches, and Thelemites, that operates on a Brotherhood current called by some the 93 current but known still to those of us that have been involved actively in occultism and the Brotherhood Underground Stream which has proven to be much older...........the SIRIUS connection or current. IT is and always has been Sirius that was the Star of INITIATION and much research has gone into why it was said to be so by the Brotherhood. Ancient Brotherhood legend goes into a much deeper look into this and this is common knowledge among archeologists that have been secret members of the Brotherhood.

Baphomet is also shown as a Winged Deity and this like many other Winged Deities of the ancient cultures represents that the Deity can either ascend or descend and move across the sky. This is a Deity that is in control no matter what its actions are. Two intertwined snakes are encircling the Phallus of Baphomet and go back directly to the Brotherhood of the Serpent in ancient Atlantis and the original separation of its Priestesshood and Priesthood.

You will see this also as the Caduceus or Rod encircled by the two snakes that is still used as the medical symbol to this day. The Brotherhood is everywhere and one just needs to look with second sight to see it. Even the Druid Order has long acknowledged its original Brotherhood lineage in its use of this symbol throughout its entire existence. Great Baphomet is also seated Regally upon the Earth which is showing us the true Regency of Baphomet Rex as it relates to us as living entities upon our Dark Great Mother. This Rod encircled by the snakes shows the Dark Society known as the Brotherhood has always been here and will always be here in the Shadow of Darkness.

THERE IS NO LONGER A SEPARATION BETWEEN THE BROTHERHOOD OF DARKNESS AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT, for the Brotherhood now in this present incarnation KNEW AND WISELY that true Satanism is none other than that which is practiced by the Brotherhood Satanist that has been challenged by the Guardian of the Abyss or Threshold for a much better term and has crossed over and defeated FEAR and therefore also Death to achieve the eternal balance needed to properly perform the oldest of Magick: Satanic Magick. The Brotherhood of Satan is a part of the Brotherhood of Shadows and Darkness but we are only really called Dark because we are the hidden chosen of Satanas and we exist only within the dark underworld and behind a cloak of secrecy.

The norm of society will never understand us though we have secretly directed the affairs of the world and are influencing it with our hidden or dark magick. With the greatest of all respect due to the late Aleister Crowley, he really like Adolph Hitler, did NOT truly understand the Secret Brotherhood that they discovered. The New Age or Aquarian Age is merely the Old Ways of the Brotherhood of the Serpent returning at a time of the reincarnation of many old souls of Atlantis as has been foreseen by the Brotherhood and carefully planned by our higher level members to SEAL the rift that has caused the separation of the Atlantean Brotherhood into two Brotherhoods. The Brotherhood, although very secretive and cloaked in darkness and mystery has resurfaced again in its present cycle to explain the esoteric meanings of our ancient landmarks and guideposts and we will no longer allow the rifts in Satanism that occur from the ignorant and chaos inspired unorganized and uninitiated in true form, the unbalanced.......Here then is the Mysterium Baphometus Revelatum or The Mystery of Baphomet Revealed:
BAPHOMETUS means the ABSORPTION OF KNOWLEDGE meaning the hidden and esoteric knowledge of the existence of the Ancient Brotherhood of the Serpent infused with the Wisdom to bring the Brotherhood back into balance. This is and has always been the Master's Plan and the secret Masonic Key encoded in the Great Pyramid, shown on the dollar bill on U.S. currency, and reflected in the Eye in the Triangle and Capstone suspended above the Apex. This is also the hidden meaning of the Baphomet or Sabbatic Goat of Eliphas Levi. In hidden truth this is the Mysterium Baphometus Revelatum or the Mystery of Baphomet Revealed.

In closing, there is an old Masonic saying that comes to mind which better could describe those that remain in ignorance thinking that imbalance by the misuse of Chaos Magick is real Satanism: The Brotherhood of Man begins with the Manhood of the Brother. Better explained would be like grow and learn in Magick and the Dark occult and you MATURE with measured time and practical experience. Experience is the greatest of teachers as true Initiation into Dark Magickal Maturity reflects what the Brotherhood student has truly learned. Through the balance of the two opposing Magickal Forces the Satanic Initiate BECOMES a Satanic Master. This is the Way of the Satanic Brotherhood and has been the authentic Brotherhood from Ancient Times from our Guardian Demons.

I am NOT here to tell you to believe what has been written here by me upon this subject, but rather it is my intention that you LEARN to UNDERSTAND the esoteric, and also the hidden meanings of Brotherhood Symbology and other occult symbols influenced directly or indirectly by the Brotherhood here in the present as well as in the past. As an Individual Satanist you will no doubt come to many of your own personal conclusions as to the meaning behind Brotherhood symbolism and these are as valid as those stated by the Brotherhood. Initiation is a personal experience that could never be the same as another because of this. Use your own personal Wisdom and Judgment to pull from yourself many other possible conclusions or interpretations of esoteric symbology and you yourself will find that using your intuition is also a part of Brotherhood Mastery of self.

DO WHAT THOU WILT, SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW.......But always respect another of the Brotherhood. The Ancestors of the Brotherhood have shown us the Mysterium Baphometus Revelatum, through symbolism the TRUTH sets us FREE. We are FREE to SEE clearly that Satanic Unity and Satanic Brotherhood has been a reality in our Past and we now have the second sight or Vision to see it manifested here in the present. Only a Satanist that has true wisdom will understand that these words could mean our very survival as Satanists in the coming future of our planet. The Brotherhood, as well as its related siblings such as the Ordo Templi Orientis fully understands what is needed for the REGENERATION of our Planet. We are the True Adversary of the stupid and the ignorant no matter if christian or so-called Satanist that are afraid of the TRUTH. We are the BROTHERHOOD and we are RECLAIMING the Worlds BOTH Inner and Outer.

A Mystery is no longer a Mystery when it has been REVEALED to the Initiate. It is then only a Mystery which has been learned and understood.

Druwydion Pendragon
Satanic Illuminati Council
Brotherhood of Satan

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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