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Baphomet And The Double Triangle

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Baphomet And The Double Triangle

Post by Karen on Sat 17 Apr 2010 - 15:24

A Postcard.

Never, do we not see what is happening around us. Is this not why we hardly understand the tremendous role of postcards? Yes, I know: when we travel, we send them to the masses and we receive equally. But the experience of pleasure or boredom of a custom is no indication that we understand its incredible importance. In truth, the postcard resumes today in all forms of correspondence and all forms of registration. Since these letters were engraved on the tombs of Egypt to the immemorial almost recent letters of the odious Madame de Sevigne, any writing will resume today in postcards. Even I tend to believe that these mysterious letters that we see written by the Sphinx in the Temptation of St. Anthony were only postcards of the time! Today, they just do not remind us of each site, each landscape, they also remind us of each date. And so we see them in Ostend and we remember the day of the year for the Israelite. The best represents the double triangle, the key of Solomon, with some Hebrew words: I've read all the Jewish legends! Do you know that it is sublime, the Jewish legend, almost as much as the Christian legend, which should all, however, be much more so than the mythological legend, overpraised? ... The incredible adventure, the first eastern tribe that connects us to one origin, one that we undertook to put a double mirage at both ends of the route back to the eternal time of his exodus! ... The Bible, the book, while everything else is a book! ... Even now, fortune crazy rewards those who bring a copy of quite ancient book essential. From this spicy anecdote, you can remember being. An individual named Saphira, submitted to the review of scientific bodies a copy of the Samaritan Bible, he had so skillfully written on old parchment, using the characters from the Stele of Mesa (which may also be false,) that almost everyone there left for ... Clermont-Ganneau of the Institute of France, discovered the rigging, and the poor Saphira pulled a revolver on him... It is so beautiful, the book! It contains such sublime poems, stories so amusing! All human anguish in the Psalms; all instinctive despair in Job, the rapture of love in the Songs! And what great adventures! Solomon will flourish Supreme human hope. The women of his harem are like flowers around him, the Queen of Sheba comes to flatter his philosophy. God has discovered the Being, and discovers himself the nothingness of all joy. I do not care for criticism, I want the legendary Solomon, he must have written to me that the Cleric as pessimistic love song. The weeping Kohelet the nothingness of all joy removed, like on a black background of darkness, the ineffable adornment of Solomon in his glory:

The Cleric said: A living dog
Better than a dead lion.
Except, of course, eat and drink.

All is vanity in this world, and the nothingness of life fills the dark tomb. Despite that they give to mankind and all his food of mind, we do not like Jews. The pre-Christian hostility, the Romans, the Alexandrians, were massacred in abundance. Martial is a bitch mistress too, (to speak modern!) The charge of perjury as a Jew! However, as the poet himself could not pass the unfaithful mistress, humanity happens Jewish point of deceptive, misleading because, as a woman, it leaves him in defense of deception. It was he who, in the Middle Ages, science kept damned with Arab doctors in Spain, Averroes, Arabanel, is summarizing in the popular mind by the beautiful legend: In a university in Spain, for seven years, the devil himself professed from the pulpit! The devil and the Jew are the two traitors, for this classic melo-drama that is the Middle Ages. He advises the Templars, the Rosicrucians Baphomet obscene for him to speak hopeless, and poor people of the terrible fourteenth century, during the Black Death, the children knew that they bled Christians to make the cake of purines. Soon, he transforms and sympathetic, wanders in Brussels, in Brabant, or becomes a Wandering Jew. He still has someone in the sky to give him things... Is it a reward that, soon, he has got a million? Already, Rembrandt seems to have melted Jewish gold, for the mysterious blaze which illuminates his paintings is incomparable. The misery of guetho prepared in fattening manure, in the millions of modern finance. Today, the Jewish legend, full of the lights of God and of the wonders of Kabbalah, the eastern sun and shade of guetho with, here and there, and flaming pyre and the apotheosis of triumph, resume in the golden financial and prestige of the courtesan. Solomon is still mentioned by the Rothschilds, Esther and Judith, seductrices of kings and warriors, by Rachel or Faive. The love of gold and the love of gold jewels, tragic haloes and lascivious beauties. A map sent to me by my friend Meyer now, unless this is Mayer, bears the double triangle star, the key of Solomon, which opens the treasures and for hunting ghosts. K.

Source: L'Echo D'Ostende, Wednesday 23 September, 1908

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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