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Greek Herstory

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Greek Herstory

Post by Karen on Mon 28 Sep 2015 - 11:40

The truth about the planets, aliens, Gods, Goddesses and Hollow Earth.

Evil aliens, demons, devils, and imps come through an inter-dimensional portal/vortex. They are shapeshifters and blood-thirsty vampires. These aliens run very fast and impersonate family members, friends or loved ones in order to control your mind. They are very powerful once they get into your thoughts. Some examples of these types of aliens are the Greys, reptilians from the Orion Group and Alpha Draconians. These aliens look like lizards, worms and insects. The worst aliens are the Alpha Draconians whose main leader looks like Jabba the Hutt. Most of them eat humans, so humans are abducted by these aliens working for the Government in order to offer it as food to Jabba. Some are just hideous beasts with very evil-looking features. They lie to humans by telling them that they are Gods and Angels.

Good aliens are human or humanoid and look very similar to us. They are also known as the Gods or Goddesses of Atlantis, Greece, Asgard, Norway, etc. They can look like Luke Skywalker, Superman, Zeus, Athena, Thor, Loki, Odin. Of course, there are good aliens and bad aliens, and there are good Gods and bad Gods, good Goddesses and bad Goddesses.

There is currently a battle in space, known as Star Wars, and the battle is for this planet, Earth. The evil aliens wish to take it over and the human Gods and Goddesses are here to defend it and take it back from these shapeshifting aliens.

The planets are named after the Greek Gods and Goddesses, as such:

Sun = Athena
Moon = Jesus/Isis (Mona Lisa)
Mercury = Hermes
Venus = Aphrodite
Earth = Gaia
Mars = Ares
Jupiter = Zeus
Saturn = Cronus, Set, Satan. Cronus was cut into little pieces by Zeus, Poseidon and Hades
Uranus = Uranus (Petrus Romanus, Pope Francis, is another term for the Roman Uranus) The Roman Empire is all about child sex abuse and Sodomy. This current gay agenda comes from fallen angels and demons from the planet Uranus.
Neptune = Poseidon. Zeus punished him to hard labour for killing Athena
Pluto = Hades/Hell. He was punished by Zeus and banned for all eternity in Tartarus (Pluto)

If you read Greek history at all, you will remember that Zeus, as King of the Gods, punished wisely and justly the following individuals:

Sisyphus - a son of Aeolus and ruler of Corinth, noted for his trickery: he was punished in Tartarus by being compelled to roll a stone to the top of a slope, the stone always escaping him near the top and rolling down again.
Atlas - was punished by Zeus to hold up Earth
Hercules - became insane and killed his entire family
Apollo - because of his involvement in the rebellion against Zeus to take over control of Olympus
Poseidon - because of his involvement in the rebellion against Zeus. He is also an enemy of Athena.
Hera - the leader of the rebellion against Zeus. She was punished to hang from the sky in golden chains.

Zeus is a very powerful God, also known as little Yahweh Sabaoth, the Good. This is the true God of Israel. His father was known as Yahweh Sabaoth, or Saturn, who was a cannibal, child-molester, woman abuser and rapist.
The reason why everyone who was punished by Zeus is now attacking Athena, the crucified Christ, is because the evil Goddess Gaia is being reawakened. The Pope and evil aliens are reawakening the Sleeping Giant. This evolutionary Gaia movement is false. You must believe in Creationism. There is a God that creates and his name is Zeus. He is God. He is omni-potent, omni-present, all-powerful and all-knowing. His wisdom permeates all things and his wisdom is the knowledge of the Goddess, Athena. You must possess her in your soul in order to create life-forms, since humans without wisdom (knowledge) are merely beasts in the wild. Athena, or Wisdom is personified in the Word of God. The evil Roman Empire lied about the Greek history and instead deceived the world by calling it mythology. The opposite is true. The Catholic Church spreads the mythology.

ZEUS IS GOD AND WISDOM IS HIS DAUGHTER, ATHENA. God spoke one Word and that Word, "Athena," (which means thought) was then made flesh and everything came into being. God cannot create anything without Wisdom. He needs Wisdom to create and the Pope is abolishing Creationism and instead, replacing it with Evolutionary theory, which is wrong.
We are spiritual beings, and when we die, we can return much later on with a new body as I did.

IHS, the Jesuits' logo, means Isis, Horus and Set. It is the Divine Mother, the Son and Satan. The Freemasons have statues of Isis, Set, Anubis and other Pharoahs in their lodges. Does anyone see how the wives of Presidents and Prime Ministers of nations must wear black mourning outfits when they meet the Pope? That is because they are representing Isis and the truth is that these women are not widows at all.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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