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Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

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Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Buono on Sun 28 Jun 2015 - 19:48

Karen Trenouth wrote:In the Da Vinci painting entitled "Madonna of the Rocks," (shown above) it is written that the woman on the right is Uriel, a female angel who was demoted by the Catholic Church and Pope Zachary n 745 A.D. The reason being that the church felt that too much emphasis was put on the worship of angels and not enough on the male popes.Uriel's feast days are September 29 and November 8...
As we all know in Ripperology on September 29, Catherine Eddowes and Elizabeth Stride were murdered, and on November 8, Mary Jane Kelly was murdered... These murders were directly linked with the Rennes-le-Chateau and bloodline conspiracy. You would have to be blind or unintelligent not to see it. Plus, Berenger Sauniere discovered these parchments in the late 19th century (around 1888.)

One other thing to consider - just what was Marie Jeanette Kelly doing in France anyhow? This is where Rennes-le-Chateau is!
This Insane World uriel-and-female-angels

Mary Kelly went to France around 1884. The first time the Mary Magdalene bloodline is mentioned in print is in 1886 when the French 19th-century socialist politician, Louis Martin, wrote Les Evangiles sans Dieu, The Gospels without God.

The next time the Bloodline is mentioned is in the 1970s after the Royal Conspiracy Theory comes out. Holy Blood Holy Grail comes in 1982. 

The Davinci Code Bloodline theory has to be partly inspired by the success of the Royal Ripper Conspiracy. 

Isn't the spiritual world view you espouse,Karen, regarding good and evil be better served with Mary Kelly and the Ripper Bloodline theory that Mary Magdalene and Bloodline The Movie? 

Mary Kelly is a real prostitute with a real bloodline, I believe with a Freemason, sort of like Mozart with Maria Hofdemel....


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Buono on Mon 29 Jun 2015 - 13:29

Wouldn't the spiritual world view you espouse,Karen, regarding good and evil, be better served with Mary Kelly and the Ripper Bloodline theory rather than Mary Magdalene and Bloodline The Movie? 


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Buono on Tue 30 Jun 2015 - 23:21

Isn't there far more evidence for a Mary Kelly child than for Mary Magdalene?

  • 3 witnesses testifying so to the newspapers including her boyfriend

  • the tip from a Birkenhead cop of a Mary Jane Kelly with a child

  • Mary being called plump and then being skinny

  • her involvement with the Salvation Army that catered to prostitute mothers

  • a century of rumor about a Royal Ripper child

  • all the discomfort and anguish talk of a child gives the Ripperology fundamentalists

(follow the irrationality I always say)


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by SonnyB on Sat 4 Jul 2015 - 20:04

Whoever searches for the Grail has his or her work cut out for them.

You must find your way through a forest of secrecy and a maze of lies. Even if somehow you make it and find the Holy Vessel, the challenge is only beginning.

That's when you must negotiate your way through a gauntlet of self-appointed experts, and avoid a pummeling like Richard Gere's Lancelot going through the obstacle course in First Knight.

It will take a miracle to find it, and a miracle to make it through intact with the cup. Only the pure of heart can succeed.

Good luck, Knights!  cheers Godspeed you!


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Pacifal on Tue 11 Aug 2015 - 16:08

Parcifal reporting:

DNA test being done to determine if a certain Mary Kelly had a son with a certain Sir Jim. Results will be in shortly.

Will report again on next Knight shift.


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Maury Povich of ripperology

Post by Parcifal on Sun 15 Nov 2015 - 12:43

Okay DNA tests are a negative on Sir Jim. Two were done as there was a 50-50 chance for second half cousins once removed to share DNA, increasing the odds to 75%. There was no shared DNA. 

Now we're trying to get a test done on relatives of Adrienus (Adrianus) Morgenstern. There are a number of them on Ancestry already.

Wouldn't that be a kick if the father turned out to be Morgenstern.

"I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star."


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Karen on Sun 15 Nov 2015 - 15:38

I knew that James Maybrick was not Jack the Ripper, nor the father of Mary Kelly's child.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Parcifal on Mon 16 Nov 2015 - 21:26

You're at least half right, Karen. Thanks. 

For the best....

If it was Maybrick, they'd have said he impregnated her in Liverpool and she was never in London so it's not her. This way, if it was Morgenstern, that puts her in London in the East End so she could be the real Mary.

Her g granddaughter's ethnicity puts her at 1% Jewish. I'm in contact with a great grat grandnephew of Adrianus Morgenstern.


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Saponarolla on Sun 3 Jan 2016 - 21:10

The close cousin match list is being made available to Ripper genealogists so they can analyse it. 

I looked at it today and there are some interesting possibilities with cousin matches with ancestors from Surrey and one from the Netherlands. 

Morgenstern was from the Netherlands and Joseph Fleming's mother, from Surrey.


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Saponarolla on Thu 7 Jan 2016 - 18:29

In the case of baby John, Joseph....

you are NOT the father!

In the case of baby John, Adrianus...

you ARE the father!


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Saponarolla on Fri 29 Jan 2016 - 17:43

David Burton could always tell who to befriend; it was a gift. In high school, he quit his after-school job stocking groceries to fence tens of thousands of dollars worth of goods, stolen by warehouse and department store employees he'd befriended.

He knew he was destined for bigger and better things. He just needed a friend to help him. He would find her in his spam email box.

Subject: Help Find Maria

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Jessica and I am writing to you to ask for your help in finding my friend, Maria. She disappeared one day in 1982 from her apartment in Innsbruck. I was her friend.

She told me once that she was going to disappear. I thought she was making it up. She was always a strange girl, an outsider, English or American. Her father said he adopted her from an orphanage on the Island of Jersey but he was in America when she was born and he was involved with a religious cult in America. There are theories related to genealogies and bloodlines.

Was there something about Maria's disappearance related to her genealogy? Is is true that she was abducted because of her bloodline? This is your chance to find out!

If you want to get involved in the search for Maria, please reply to this email.


Jessica M

Antiques Dealer


David got this email in his inbox and immediately thought it was some sort of scam. He even believed he recognized the picture of the missing girl as a missing girl from Canada he knew and was related to - his estranged father's daughter (whom he guessed would be his half-sister) who disappeared over twenty years ago.

As he read the email, he felt like he was being felt out to see if he could work with the letter-writer, and as if she knew, somehow, that he would decide to help her, something he was familiar with.

The email intrigued him enough to contact the sender and, after a bit of online back and forth sharing information. Then he went to Vienna to meet her and he was immediately smitten.

Along with being an antiques dealer, she was the star of a TV show that was based on Maria's disappearance. It was a faux-reality show that thousands of people thought was real.

That admission made him certain now the letter was a scam and she was someone who could be "down with crime".

As his long list of accomplices would attest, he could tell if someone was willing to work with him.

He was ecstatic when Jessica gave him her number and they started going out on the town. She took him on a personal tour of the Dorotheum, the famous auction house where she had a job as an appraiser. The place was stocked with valuables, the latest addition being the Victorian necktie box of Jack the Ripper.

He spent his time surreptitiously looking for the positions of cameras, taking note of the guard stations, the motion sensors and the locks on the windows and doors. Jessica worked great distraction while he did his thing.

For her part, Jessica was glad Burton was there to help in the search. The American could help them solve the mystery which she knew had something to do with the child pornography ring in the Netherlands who had the CD Rom with Maria's picture on it.

The face in the picture was biometrically analyzed and matched to Nicole's. She thought the abduction had something to do with the bloodline of Mary Jane Kelly and an unknown male.

A test was being done on Maria's DNA to determine her bloodline. The raw DNA data was uploaded to a genetics website and the results were being analyzed. She had traces of Jewish ancestry and a lot of unexplained cousins with ancestors from the Netherlands. More research had to be done but it was looking good for Mary Kelly's Jewish boyfriend from Rotterdam.

In the meantime, perhaps they could test Dave's DNA from the legitimate bloodline (this Mary Kelly and her legal husband) against the DNA on the tie with Mary Kelly's blood on it, to see if that half of the bloodline theories were true.

As she watched David scrutinizing the security measures, she could see how much he looked like Maria's and Nicole's age-progressed pictures, same high cheek bones and Betty Davis eyes.

Then she was struck suddenly by something else about him. He also bore an uncanny resemblance to the American actress who played the girl who was based on Maria. He looked exactly like 'Yvonne'.

The Truth About Yvonne Game had ended when Yvonne had been found in a theatre, where she was appearing in a play. Then she disappeared again.

About a month later, someone fitting her description was seen runing down the street toward the Danube and then jumping into the river. The witnesses said they were fans of hers. They said it looked just like her. But this person was naked and it was a man!

The Game was on again, for real; Jessica was sure of it.


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Saponarolla on Sun 31 Jan 2016 - 1:31

Siegfried "Siege" Steiger of the Austrian Federal Police was on a wild scavenger hunt across the city of Vienna.

Driving one of two unmarked police cars, he kept pace with a cyclist, an undercover cop with a million euro ransom in his backpack. Instructions from a cell phone directed the man on the bike.

The man on the other end had a valuable, Victorian, necktie box stolen from the Vienna auction house, the Dorotheum.

His first instructions were for an unattended cyclist to go to a certain location to receive further instructions by phone.

After two hours of going from one place to another, the cyclist went to the next location which was on the busy Mariahilfer Strasse. Siege parked his vehicle on the side of road when the cyclist stopped in front of a store and answered the ringing phone.

"Thanks for your efforts!" said the caller angrily.

The man on the bike looked back at Siege and hunched his shoulders like he didn't know what was going on. The whole exchange appeared to have been called off.

A minute later, Siege radioed to the cyclist.

"Don't worry!" he said. "We got him! He made his last call on a phone that was recently purchased. He's as good as caught."


David Burton was caught a week later. The American career-thief had outwitted round-the-clock security to steal the necktie box of Jack the Ripper but security camera footage was obtained of him buying a cell phone used in the ransom drop.

He'd been outwitted by a wily, old police detective and now he was sitting in jail, sentenced to four years later increased to five. As if that wasn't enough, Siegried Steiger stole his girl.

Jessica Melchiore, the antiques dealer who worked at the auction house and helped him steal the necktie box of Jack the Ripper, betrayed him with a Judas kiss and left him to the Romans.

It seemed to him that she dumped him when she found out that the one tie with the blood of Mary Jane Kelly was not in the box, but had been lost on Leopoldsberg hill when the box was borrowed by Wotanists for a ceremony on the overlook and the tie was blown away in the wind and was lost in the woods.

Now Jessica was with that old Austrian fart, old enough to be her dad, spending every weekend with him combing the hill looking for it.

Like Steiger was really serious about finding it! Probably just using it as an excuse to be with her!

He knows he'd lose her the minute he found it. Just open the door to that dungeon and she'd be out of there in a flash! Bye-bye dungeon master!....

Guards walked by the bars of his cell.

As he lay on his bunk, a memory invaded his brain of waking up naked on a table surrounded by strange figures, like an alien abduction. There were strange scars on his chest and his hair was chopped off.

He remembered running away and jumping into a river, and the cold water twisting and turning him, and taking him away.

Ever since, there was a dark hole in his past. He couldn't remember a big chunk of his life after the age of 19.

He remembered living with his dad until he disappeared. He never knew his mom. There was a cousin named Yvonne in Canada who had gone missing. She was supposed to be of the bloodline of Mary Jane Kelly and one of her lovers.

He wanted to find her but Jessica said he didn't have to. You don't have to find Yvonne. You don't have to find her bloodline. You already have what you're looking for. You have the essence within you.

What did that mean? And why was he always getting mail from fans of the actress who played Yvonne in the show The Truth About Yvonne? And why was he getting lewd offers and house keys in the mail from gay guys?

That actress' real name was Yvonne and she had come from 'America'. The same time as his cousin Yvonne disappeared from Canada. They were both 19 at the time. And so was he. And then she disappeared after the show. That was the same time as his 'abduction'.

The scars on his chest. The lumps beside the table. Sacks of fluid. Hair on the floor.

He had the essence within him.... He had what he was looking for....



Leopoldsburg Hill rises above Vienna, attracting tourists to the overlook at the top for the beautiful view of city. This bright and clear afternoon, two people went up the hill but didn't go to the overlook to look out at the scenery.

Detective Siegfried Steiger and antiques dealer, Jessica Melchiore, were hiking up and down the hill searching for a missing artifact. They consulted a grid map and marked the trees with chalk as they went.

What they were looking for was the One Tie missing from a famous necktie box. The tie had blown off the outlook a year ago during a cult ceremony that had been part of a multi-media ARG production.

Coming straight from the box of seven silk ties used by Jack the Ripper while committing his murders, the One Tie had the actual blood of Mary Jane Kelly. The tie disappeared and had never been seen since.

On this afternoon, they scoured the last part of the hill where the white cravat blackened with blood could have flown. It was early spring with no leaves on the trees or on the ground and little to no ground cover so the conditions were perfect for the search.

They looked down at the bare ground and up in the bare treetops. It should have been easy to find the tie but, no matter where they looked, they couldn't see it. They were either missing it or it wasn't there.

By four o'clock, after four and a half hours of hiking and searching, the entire grid was covered, and they had not found it. There was no place else to look, except at each other.

They just stood there leaning against a tree, looking out into space and then staring into each other's eyes, saying nothing. Siege could tell she was looking to him to make the next move as he was the "great detective".

He didn't want to disappoint but how could he find a bloody needle in a haystack. They could come back with a whole team of searchers, use drones to scan the treetops, bring in cadaver dogs....

Finally, he said they should come back when it was dark and, when she asked him what he had in mind, he said it was something blue...



In the dark, two men in hazmat suits sprayed the entire hillside with luminol. The scene on Leopoldsberg Hill was one of almost total darkenss except for the light of the city beyond the treetops.

On the overlook above them, Jessica Melchiore clicked a camera resting on a tripod with fast film and set to long exposure. Siegfried Steiger stood beside her, watching for the faintest of bluish glows produced when the luminol is sprayed where there's blood. The blue glow would last for about 30 seconds before it fades, which is enough time to take a photo.

Carrying large portable insecticide sprayers full of the forensic solution and holding up their spray lances, the hazmat boys sprayed the trees like they were spraying for pests. The spraying went on for several minutes with nothing to be seen.

Then they saw it - a faint bluish glow in the top of a tree like the glow of a lightstick. Reacting with iron from traces of blood, the glow went on and on.

It was captured on the digital camera and faded after thirty seconds.

In the darkness, Siege gave Jessica a big hug and she kissed him for the first time. Then together, they stayed and watched the sun come up.

With their photographic memories and the digital picture, they would locate the resting place of the long-lost necktie. The One Tie above all the others.

Siege would climb the tree to the topmost branches, almost falling in the process, to retrieve it. Finally, back on the ground, he'd pass the tie, in a clear evidence-bag back, to Jessica.

DNA testing would prove the blood on the ties was human blood. Two DNA profiles would be extracted, one male and one female, the female profile, a familial match to someone whose great great grandmother was a Mary Jane Kelly who disappeared around 1888.

It was not an Alternate Reality Game anymore. It was "Jack the Ripper's necktie"! The real thing.

It was a real story and Jessica ran with it on social media and mainstream media. She took it to heart as a personal mission.

It probably had something to do with her childhood friend, Maria Morinz, being abducted and killed when she was small. She wanted to make a difference

With her single-minded tenacity, she reminded Siege of himself at his height when he was hunting the Vienna Strangler. That only took him 14 months to solve. He hoped she would be as lucky.

But for now, she was off to the races, and the only thing he could do was exactly what their friend had done (media executive Jack Fisch) that day long ago on the overlook with the necktie. Just let it go! Just let it go!



There was a way to win her back, Dave thought.
Prove the bloodline of Mary Jane Kelly!

Some of his half relatives were of the bloodline. Maybe if he could find one of them; he could get their DNA. But then he'd have to compare it to the blood on the tie and he didn't have the tie.

Maybe there was another way. Maybe he could prove his half-sister's great great grandmother was the real Mary Jane Kelly by finding out and proving she fathered a child with one of the real MJK's boyfriends.

He submitted his DNA to AncestryDNA. Then he found a descendant of James Maybrick and sent him a DNA kit. The results proved negative but were inconclusive because they would be half fourth cousins and the odds of them sharing the same DNA was less than 50-50.

Because his ethnic makeup turned out 1% Jewish, he decided to try finding a descendant of Adrianus Morgenstern, MJK's Jewish lover. He found one but he was "unhappy" with having his DNA "out there".

He was at a dead end but, for Jessie, he wouldn't give up. He racked his brain and came up with a brilliant idea.

Siege Steiger scoured and luminoled an entire forest of trees to find the bloodline. Dave would scour the entire database of family trees to find the bloodline. And that's what he did.

He analyzed the family trees of all his DNA matches from close cousins to distant cousins. And he had over 2000 matches. Fortunately, Ancestry has a search engine to search names in the trees. He tried Morgenstern, Fleming, Maybrick, and the maiden names of some of the wives.

Nothing came up in the search. He closed his notebook and was ready to give up.

Then as a last ditch effort, he decided to try Morningstar. The anglicization of the German name Morgenstern.

Bingo. One member match came up. And there it was in his Pedigree. Morningstar!

Americans from Germany. Originally Morgenstern.

Dave was the Maury Povich of Ripperology and the DNA was in.

In the case of baby John, Adrianus you ARE the father!!!!!!

"I am the heir and root of David, the bright Morning Star!" Revelations.


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Saponarolla on Wed 3 Feb 2016 - 21:50

Three men stood in a sixth floor office of the ORF broadcasting headquarters on Kuniglberg Hill overlooking Vienna. The ORF 3.

Two were not broadcasters but a detective and a psycologist. The third was a broadcaster, executive Jack Fisch.

"Have you heard anything from Jessica?" Jack asked Detective Siegfried Steiger.

Siege became thoughtful at the mention of her name.


...Childhood friend of Maria Morinz, who was abducted and murdered in Austria after being abducted in America, she was now working on a book about Maria and in America researching the case.

They had come together because of their mutual need to solve the case, and then were driven apart when his unconditional, all-costs efforts to help her succeeded.

Holding back nothing and sparing no expense for her, he went so far as to luminol an entire forest in search of blood evidence.

They found what she was looking for and then she was gone...

Siege regreted nothing but that didn't remove the longing... the longing for lost love. Lost love he could have kept a little longer, if not forever, by not doing the maximum for her.

Dr. Franz Rudolph thought of him as suffering from an Oedipusphinx Complex:

Siegfried, the Austrian hero, was dazzled by the Sphinx, the creature with the head of a woman, and was slain by her and tossed away like refuse although he answered her riddle correctly by doing the things that almost anyone would define as manly.

"Have you heard any word from her, Siege?" asked Franz.

"Yes," Siege nodded and forced a smile. "She sent me word that she found David. She found him online. He's in America and she's going to meet him. To look for the necktie box that David said he sold to the American Freemasons. She hopes to find Jack the Ripper's DNA on the box or its contents."

"There was none of the Ripper's DNA on the one tie you found?"

"No. We did not find any male DNA. Only Mary Jane Kelly's, which was a relational match to Maria Morinz."

"Any truth to the rumor that David found DNA evidence that he and Maria are descended from Mary Jane Kelly and her Jewish boyfriend, Adrianus Morgenstern?" asked Franz.

"So far the match has only been made through a distant cousin-match and his family tree which has some Morningstar Pedigree going back to German Morgensterns, same as Adrianus' family tree... His family is Dutch and their German roots are not very detailed. All the German Morgensterns should be related. If she's the real Mary Jane Kelly, then someone had to be the father of her son; Adrianus is as good a candidate as any! She seems to have accepted the result, and now wants to find out who Jack the Ripper was."

"I hope she does," said Jack. "And we are the first to hear about it!"

"I hope she finds out too, " said Franz.

"So do I," said Siege. "I just hope she's okay. I'm a little bit worried about her because she's meeting her ex after what happened."

Jack and Franz understood his concern. Things had not ended well between Jessica and David. As with Siege, she had turned her back on him.

Their concern, in this case, was doubled though because she had, in fact, grievously betrayed her ex, and, of course, he was a little Austrian!...


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Saponarolla on Wed 17 Feb 2016 - 18:48

David Burton secretly watched the Freemasons throw the Jack the Ripper necktie box into Borehole 10X.
He regretted giving them the box. They thought they were linking Mary Jane Kelly and her murder with the Morgenstern Inheritance and, by association, with her lover and the father of her child.
Dave, a descendant of Mary Jane Kelly, knew better. They were linking her with the Freemasons.
He wondered who was the real Holy Grail. Mary Kelly or a Freemason in a Mary Kelly skin suit.


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

Post by Saponarolla on Thu 18 Feb 2016 - 23:37

Jessica Melchiore missed her friend, David, so much. He was the most interesting man she'd ever met. She even told her friend Siegfried that.

Siegfried wasn't too thrilled she was interested in a "girlie-man" who couldn't even remember his life as a woman. He told her that he had matched the DNA of his murdered sister, Maria, to the female DNA they found on the Ripper necktie she had given him. But she told him Dave had already matched his DNA to Adrianus Morgenstern, Mary Kelly's lover, confirming his great great grandmother was in London and was the real Mary Jane Kelly.

Now they just had to find our who Jack the Ripper by finding a familial match to the male DNA that was found on the necktie. "They" meant Jessica and David. Siegfried would only provide the male DNA sequence.
Jessica tricked David into meeting her. He was surprised when she appeared at the rendezvous. She told him how much she missed him and was sorry for betraying him.
Dave accepted her apology and told her he had a lead on Jack the Ripper. All they had to do now was find a descendant on Facebook and compare his DNA to the male DNA on the necktie.
Some think the lead has something to do with James Maybrick. And they're secretly Facebook friends with a Peterborough Maybrick.
The link for sure is with a servant. Either a sister-in-law or a cousin.
The smart money is that his great great grandmother, Mary Jane Kelly, was cousins with Dr. Alfred Pearson's servant, Alice Woodward. And they're looking for Pearson's relatives. I'm sure they're headed for an epiphany. Smile


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Re: Mary Jane Kelly and the Holy Grail

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