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The Sun's Dartmoor Suspect

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The Sun's Dartmoor Suspect

Post by Karen on Thu 27 Feb 2014 - 22:41

An addendum to the article which appeared in "The Sun" in 1894 as to a suspect held in Dartmoor Lunatic Asylum. This does not sound like Kosminski, since he was not ever present in Dartmoor.

Last of the Startling Story Told by the "Sun."

The Sun continues what it professes to call it "revelations in reference to "Jack the Ripper," but the last instalment is entirely uninteresting, as it contains nothing but a series of statements by anonymous correspondents and witnesses. By means of these, however, it seeks to prove that the individual at present in Dartmoor was guilty, just prior
to the Whitechapel murders, of the following crimes: -
1. Stabbing of six girls.
2. Murderous assault on fellow-worker in Whitechapel.
3. Murderous assault on a relative.
4. Murderous assault on servant girl.
5. Threat to murder Dr. _____.
6. Suspected intention to make murderous assault on D______ G_______.
Total of homicidal crimes committed or contemplated, 11.
And thus (remarks the Sun correspondent) I have brought him to the point that - outside of the Whitechapel murders - this man employed in the East-end at the time of the murders, and resident in a locality close to Whitechapel, was guilty of nine homicidal offences, and is strongly suspected of contemplating two more. It seems scarcely possible
to imagine that there should be two men so closely associated with Whitechapel, and at the same time capable of such a succession of crimes all more or less alike.

Source: Evening Express, 16 February 1894, Page 2

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: The Sun's Dartmoor Suspect

Post by Karen on Fri 11 Apr 2014 - 0:17

"Jack the Ripper" Stories.

The Police-Inspector Said to Have Uttered the Statements is Now Hesitant.

In connection with the stories published dealing with the probability of "Jack the Ripper" being in the infirmary at Dartmoor Gaol, the Morning Leader on Wednesday sought the opinion of
Scotland-yard - or, rather, of one of the head officials, and asked as to the truth of the statements: -
"There is a large basis of truth in it," said the officer. "It's only defect is that it is about three years old."
"Then you are already acquainted with it?" asked the reporter. "Yes," was the bland rejoinder; "it's leading incidents are as familiar to me as the features of my ten-year-old child."
"You have seen the knife," interjected our representative, "that of Chinese manufacture?"
"Yes," was the reply; "I have seen the Chinese knife, and I have seen many other Chinese knives that have never seen China."

The Author of the Story.

Even the original police inspector who is said to be responsible for the story rejects the deduction which is sought to be drawn from it.
"I never said," he declared, in reply to his interviewer, "that I had secured the Whitechapel murderer. All that I have endeavoured to establish has been a carefully collected chain of circumstantial
evidence, pointing almost entirely in one direction, yet at the same time capable, with added information and fresher facts, of being diverted into other possible channels."
"Then you do not mean to say that you are actually able to lay your hands upon the absolute murderer?" - "What I have said is that if there is no stronger chain of circumstantial evidence to be supplied
than that which is in my possession, then this man must ultimately prove to be the author of all the Whitechapel horrors."
"You are travelling along a very slender thread," was the interjection of the inspector's interviewer. "You are in possession of a knife and a variety of extraordinary epistles, the authenticity of which is yet to be
established; your mind is loaded with theories, but of direct and convincing evidence you appear to be destitute." On these points came the slow rejoinder, "I must be careful before giving expression to any opinion."
"You still believe in your own story?" - "I certainly regard it as a story demanding investigation, and until my facts have been controverted I shall continue to believe in their truth."

Source: Evening Express, 15 February 1894, Page 3

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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