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Dr. John Rees Gabe And Dr. John Bernard Gabe

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Dr. John Rees Gabe And Dr. John Bernard Gabe

Post by Karen on Tue 2 Mar 2010 - 8:58

Find below, an article pertaining to Dr. John Rees Gabe, of Mecklenburgh Square. I am not too sure why such a doctor was present at the scene of the Miller's Court murder, unless there was a child involved somehow; however, there was also a Dr. John Bernard Gabe, of Swansea, Wales. I have located Dr. John Bernard Gabe in the 1881 Census, living in Swansea, but I have not found Dr. John Rees Gabe living anywhere in England or in Wales. I do know that a Dr. John Rees Gabe existed, as I have found mention of him in the British Medical Journal, but where was he residing in 1881? I even cross-referenced census details via an address search and Dr. John Rees Gabe cannot be found at any residence in Mecklenburgh Square or Mecklenburgh Street.



At WORSHIP-STREET, on Wednesday, Patrick Leary, of Fuller-street, Bethnal Green, appeared to a summons (at the instance of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) charging him with violently assaulting his son James, aged ten years. Mr. H.M. Ogle prosecuted for the society. Mr. Ogle stated the facts as follows: The defendant was living apart from his wife, and had the charge of three children. On the night of Friday, April 2, he returned home and went to a room in which the little boy James was lying in bed. He dragged him out of bed, threw him bodily up to the ceiling and let him fall on the ground, and afterwards took off a belt which he wore and beat the boy with the buckle end of it about the body. He then tied a rope round him and suspended him to the ceiling, but the rope broke and let the boy fall to the floor again. The defendant then nailed up the door so that the child should not leave, and he remained a prisoner in the room till the next morning, when the door was burst open by neighbours. The child bore such marks of injury that he was taken to Dr. Gabe, Mecklenburgh-street, who certified that the whole surface of the boy's back was covered with bruises, and he had never seen a worse case. This testimony was corroborated by witnesses. The defendant's only excuse was that the boy had stayed out late. Mr. Hannay sentenced the accused to two months' hard labour.

Source: Weekly Dispatch, Sunday April 25, 1886, Page 11

Find at this link a mention of Dr. John Rees Gabe, M.D. who made a subscription of 1 pound, 1s to a fund in respect to the case of Dr. W.T. Law. It is from the British Medical Journal of May 24, 1902



SIR, - Kindly permit me a word in reply to Dr. Bassett's letter re the above in the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL of April 10th. I am sorry I have not the JOURNAL of June 2nd, 1894, by me to refer to Professor Suckling's note; but granting that an enema may be followed by a scarlet rash, I presume that desquamation does not follow, at least to any extent. Dr. Cosgrave in his able paper remarks on adventitious scarlatini-form rashes sometimes seen in typhoid, but makes no mention of desquamation following such rashes. Now in the case reported by me well marked desquamation following a typical scarlet rash left me little room to doubt the presence of scarlatina. - I am, etc., J. BERNARD GABE.
Morriston, April 17th.

Source: The British Medical Journal, April 24, 1897, Page 1064

Karen Trenouth
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