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Many Violent Attacks on October 8/88

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Many Violent Attacks on October 8/88

Post by Karen on Thu 31 May 2012 - 13:53


At Jarrow, today, a young man named Robert Hansom, was charged with drunkenness. Evidence showed that the defendant was shouting out to a crowd that he was the Whitechapel murderer, and was throwing about the street a pocket-knife, with which he said he committed the outrages. He now, however, denied all knowledge of his conduct, and was fined 5s., and costs.


There was a scare at Croydon last night. Rumour had it that the Whitechapel murderer had been caught. This is how the rumour originated: - A travelling tailor, named Thomas Johnson, went into the Royal Oak public-house, and entered into conversation with Ellen White, the wife of a knife-grinder, and her sister. He tried to induce White to leave with him, but she refused. At once he threatened her, and said she would be a lucky woman if she slept at her lodgings that night. On being apprehended by Detective Ward, he said he would mark him (Ward) as a "dead 'un" when he got the chance. He appeared today at the local police-court, and received for his threats a month's imprisonment.


While Constables Toper and King were on duty this morning at about twenty minutes to one at the rear of the premises of Mr. John M'Ewan, a provision dealer, living at 36, New-road, Whitechapel, they heard a rattle as of a door being opened, and then immediately after had their attention attracted by a light in the yard. At once King got on the wall. "What are you doing there?" he shouted to a man he espied against the wall. "Oh, you know," came the immediate reply. "I'm here for a lodging," he then explained. Just afterwards he was seen to drop a knife, and a key and a box of matches were then found in his possession. - The Thames Magistrate, today, remembered that the man - whose name is John Leary - is an old offender, and sentenced him to three months' with hard labour.


Mr. S. Hayward, C.E., Forest-hill, writes: - "We open tonight at 59, Mile-end-road, Whitechapel, a shelter for 300 waifs. An eminent banker has consented to be treasurer, and an influential committee is in course of formation, and will be announced in a few days."


The Thames Police discovered the body of a woman near Waterloo-bridge, on the Surrey side of the Thames, this morning. The body was floating face upwards past some barges when discovered. It is that of a woman apparently about 29 years of age. It was conveyed to the Lambeth Mortuary, High-street, where it awaits identification.


A single woman, named Margaret Cooper, about 31 years old, was attacked at Newcastle on Saturday by a man with whom she had been cohabiting, and now lies in a most critical condition. Screams were heard from the room in which the woman lived, and a neighbour saw a man jump out of the window. The man made off along the lane at a rapid pace. Mrs. Fordham, the neighbour, looked in at the open window, and saw Margaret Cooper lying on the floor trying to raise herself by her hands, and moving slowly towards the door. Mrs. Fordham endeavoured to open the door, but failed, and a man who was near burst it open. Mrs. Fordham went in and found Cooper lying on the floor, with blood running from a great wound in her throat. She gave the alarm, and Dr. Dixon, of Derwent-place, which is close by the spot, and Superintendent Campbell and several other constables from the Westgate Police-station, soon arrived at the place. The police found a knife lying on the floor besmeared with blood. On being asked a question or two by the police and the doctor, Cooper said the man had come into the house and wished to renew their acquaintance. She refused. His look alarmed her, and she ran towards the window to shout for assistance, when he attacked her. The injured woman was soon afterwards removed to the Royal Infirmary. There were five wounds on her face and neck. The man was taken into custody about eight o'clock last night. His name is Benjamin Dunnell. He was taken to the Royal Infirmary, and in his presence the sworn deposition of his victim was taken before Dr. Philipsen, J.P.
The man Dunnell was formally remanded at the Newcastle Police-court, today, on the charge of attempting to murder Margaret Cooper, with whom he had lived. The woman still lies in a critical condition in the Newcastle Infirmary.


Frederick Lawrence, 33, carman, living in Pedro-street, Clapton, was charged, on remand, at Dalston Police-court, today, with assaulting his wife Eliza on the 30th ult. It may be remembered that last week Mrs. Lawrence accused her husband of locking her out on Saturday night. She gained admission, however, when the door was opened by the landlord, and then her husband struck her in the face, knocked her down, and kicked her. He further, she said, seized a knife and threatened to serve her as the women in Whitechapel had been served. In the struggle her arm was cut. - At the suggestion of the Magistrate, the woman was examined by Dr. Jackman, the divisional surgeon, who said that there were some injuries which might have been caused by violence, but they were very slight indeed. - The prisoner denied his wife's accusations, and said that Superintendent Hayes, of the Windsor Police, could say something about his wife, and about his character too. - Mr. Smith then adjourned the case for inquiries. - Sergeant Trice, 11 J, now handed the Magistrate a communication from the Windsor police, containing a list of convictions against Mrs. Lawrence, dating from 1884, for assaults, disorderly conduct, &c. - The Magistrate put each item in the list separately to the woman, but she denied that she had ever been convicted. - Mr. Smith told her to be careful how she answered, but she still persisted in her denial, and bursting into tears she said that the prisoner had been living on her prostitution for the past month. This was contradicted by the evidence of the prisoner's employer (a contractor named Potter), who said the accused had been in regular employ for some time past. The police gave the man a good character, and two landladies spoke as to the violent conduct of the wife, one saying that on one occasion Mrs. Lawrence mixed horse oil (which she believed was poisonous) with her husband's coffee, and that on another she put her arm through a pane of glass, and then went to the police saying that her husband had stabbed her. - Mr. Horace Smith discharged the prisoner, and he told Mrs. Lawrence that he did not believe a word she had said. He should consider whether he should lay the evidence before the Treasury, with a view to a prosecution for perjury.

Source: The Echo, Monday October 8, 1888, Page 4

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: Many Violent Attacks on October 8/88

Post by Guest on Wed 6 Jun 2012 - 12:23

Very interesting post. As many may see this may be a prelude to seeing or investigating the fact that there is a possible, and maybe a plausible evolution or de-evolution to the offender of the more heinous crimes. Although rather it would be better shown in the months leading up to the first believed attacked. New to this style of research so I am unawares if this type of research and documentation has ever been uncovered. If it has and anyone knows where I could look and see this, any help or directional points would be met with great accommodation.


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