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Freemasonry and Satanism

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Freemasonry and Satanism

Post by Karen on Mon 27 Jun 2011 - 14:31



The hideous occult idol known as Baphomet (above) is the most widely used of all Satanic symbols. The Satanic Bible instructs worshipers to place the Baphomet on the wall above the altar during Satanic rituals. Every time we see the symbol of the Baphomet we should be reminded of the connection between Freemasonry and Satanism.

The Baphomet picture we have used is the work of French Freemason Eliphas Levi. Eliphas Levi is considered one of the Master occultists of all time and was just as educated when writing about Freemasonry as he was Black Magic. Levi had a profound influence on what is probably the most widely read Masonic book of all time by Masonic author, Albert Pike.
Pike's master work Morals and Dogma is often called the "Masonic Bible." This honored American Freemason was the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite when he took the Cabbalistic and Luciferian doctrine of Eliphas Levi and put it in his book. [For the comparison of the writings of Pike and Levi, order B3 - Christian Worker's Handbook - THE GUIDE FOR MINISTRY TO MASONS from the address at the end of this tract.]

The man in the next picture is 33 Mason Aleister Crowley clothed in his full Masonic regalia. Crowley boasted about his Masonic honors in his autobiography:


Baphomet, the Supreme and Holy King of Ireland, Iona, and all the Britains that are in the Sanctuary of the Gnosis, O.T.O. Crowley in full Masonic regalia, 1916.
(Edited by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant, The Confessions of Aleister Crowley, Bantam Books, from Photo section.)

From this time on I lived in a perfect shower of diplomas, from Bucharest to Salt Lake City. I possess more exalted titles than I have ever been able to count. I am supposed to know more secret signs, tokens, passwords, grand words, grips, and so on, than I could actually learn in a dozen lives. An elephant would break down under the insignia I am entitled to wear.
(An Autohagiography, Edited by John Symonds and Kenneth Grant, The Confessions of Aleister Crowley, Bantam Books, p. 684-685.)

Crowley was a 33rd Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Scottish Rite and also held the 95th of the Rite of Memphis and the 90th of the Rite of Mizraim. While climbing up the Masonic ladder of success Crowley had been given the title by the Media of "the wickedest man alive." It can be documented that Crowley partook of and taught drug induced rituals that included perverted sexual acts, homosexuality, bestiality, and the eating of bodily emissions and excrement. Crowley who advocated blood sacrifice earned his other title "The Father of Modern Satanism."
[For detailed information on Crowley and his teachings order B9 - THE EGYPTIAN - MASONIC - SATANIC CONNECTION and B1 - THE GOLDEN DAWN from the address at the end of this tract.]

33rd Mason Aleister Crowley swore an oath at a Masonic Altar and the following is Crowley's oath to his Lord Satan:

The Oath of Fealty
I bind my blood in Satan's hands,
To Thee, the Beast, and thy control,
I pledge me; body, mind, and soul.
(Aleister Crowley, Satanic Extracts, Black Lodge Publishing 1991.)

As you can see, there are some very definite connections between Freemasonry and Satanism.

Another man who knows of those connections is the High Priest of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey. In his book, The Satanic Rituals, LaVey acknowledges that Satanic Rituals are taken from Masonic elements, and almost all occult orders have Masonic roots:

Satanic Ritual is a blend of Gnostic, Cabbalistic, Hermetic, and Masonic elements, incorporating nomenclature and vibratory words of power from virtually every mythos......

......Masonic orders have contained the most influential men in many governments, and virtually every occult order has many Masonic roots.
(Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Rituals, Avon Books 1972, p. 21, 78.)

In LaVey's Satanic Bible there are twelve calls or "keys" that are known as "The Enochian Keys." LaVey says that the Enochian calls are "the satanic paens of faith" and that his source for the "keys" was the Golden Dawn.

I have presented my translation of the following calls with an archaic but Satanically correct unvarnishing of the translation employed by the Order of the Golden Dawn in the late Nineteenth Century.
(Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible, Avon Books, 1969, p. 155.)

With LaVey's mention of the Order of the Golden Dawn comes yet another connection between Freemasonry and Satanism. The Golden Dawn was an occult order founded by three Freemasons and the order had many ties to the Lodge.

Authors of A Witches Bible Compleat, Janet and Stewart Farrar give credit to the Golden Dawn for the occult explosion that we are experiencing today.

It is generally agreed that the biggest single influence in the modern expansion of ritual magic, and the occult explosion in general, in the Western world, was the Golden Dawn. This magical fraternity, founded by Freemasons at the end of the 19th century, developed a complex ritual system with ten degrees of initiation relating to the Cabalistic Sephiroth.
(Janet and Stewart Farrar, The Life and Times of A Modern Witch, Phoenix Publishing Company, p. 121.)

Many Freemasons believe that they can kneel at the Masonic altar with men like Crowley and have no effect on their spiritual lives or ever have any fear of facing the judgment of God. This is surely the greatest of folly. The Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite Albert Pike said it well when he explained that every Mason that enters even the first degree of the Blue Lodge obligates himself to every other Mason in the world:

Secrecy is indispensable in a Mason of whatever Degree. It is the first and almost the only lesson taught to the Entered Apprentice. The obligations which we have each assumed toward every Mason that lives, requiring of us the performance of the most serious and onerous duties toward those personally unknown to us until they demand our aid, - duties that must be performed, even at the risk of life, or our solemn oaths be broken and violated, and we be branded as false Masons and faithless men, teach us how profound a folly it would be to betray our secrets to those who, bound to us by no tie of common obligation, might, by obtaining them, call on us in their extremity, when the urgency of the occasion should allow us no time for inquiry, and the peremptory mandate of our obligation compel us to do a brother's duty to a base imposter.
The secrets of our brother, when communicated to us, must be sacred....
(Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, 1871 L.H. Jenkins Inc., p. 109.)


(2 Corinthians 6: 14-17 KJV) Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? {15} And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? {16} And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. {17} Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

OR -

(2 Corinthians 6: 14-17 The Jerusalem Bible) Do not harness yourselves in an uneven team with unbelievers. Virtue is no companion for crime. Light and darkness have nothing in common. Christ is not the ally of Beliar, nor has a believer anything to share with an unbeliever. The temple of God has no common ground with idols, and that is what we are - the temple of the living God. We have God's word for it: I will make my home among them and live with them; I will be their God and they shall be my people. Then come away from them and keep aloof, says the Lord. Touch nothing that is unclean, and I will welcome you and be your father, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Almighty Lord.

Source: Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: Freemasonry and Satanism

Post by Karen on Wed 25 Jan 2012 - 23:04

The ill odor in which the Free Masons stand with the Church of Rome is well known; but the Good Templars have hitherto been rather regarded with favor. To give a person or an institution a bad name is, however, proverbially a step towards its ignominious destruction. The Good Templars should have thought of this before they adopted their title. Perhaps they supposed the word Good did away with the mischief of the word Templars, as the Greeks fancied they could pacify the Axeine, the inhospitable sea, by calling it the Euxine, or friendly water. In the same the way the Scotch call the enemy of mankind "the Good Man," and the fairies "the Good Folk." But these spiritual powers were not mollified by courtesy; nor is the Church of Rome any more friendly to the new and good, than to the old and not so virtuous Templars. None of the members of the harmless temperance body which delights in cocked hats, banners, and processions, have yet been burned for worshiping the mysterious Baphomet, whom their namesakes are reported to have adored. But the Roman Catholic Bishop of Salford has excommunicated the Good Templars as a secret and a religious society. We are not so far initiated as to know anything about the Templars' religion, but surely their secrets must be as innocent as those of the Ancient Order of Buffaloes, which consist in masquerading in kitchen utensils. The excommunicated society probably indulges in this playing at mystery as a substitute for the wilder delights of gin, beer, and other intoxicants.

Source: The Daily Inter-Ocean, Thursday Morning, April 1, 1875, Page 4

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: Freemasonry and Satanism

Post by Karen on Thu 26 Jan 2012 - 0:35

Diana Vaughan, the Reformed Luciferian, to Lecture in the United States.

Diana Vaughan, the Archimage and Luciferian, whose existence and identity have been a puzzle since her story was published, is announced to appear and lecture in the hall of the Societe de Geographie, Paris, April 19. It does not matter that Diana has been almost conclusively proved to be an invention of M. Leo Taxil and Dr. Bataille, alias Hacks. Her history, myth or fact has made a sensation in Europe. Diana is to narrate her life at Louisville, her initiation to Luciferianism there, her subsequent affiliation to Free Masonry qua Diabolism at Charleston, S.C., and her conversion to Catholicism.
The Louisville people, who say they do not know, and those who assert that they knew her intimately, may have a chance of testing the identity of this Diana. She is to give conferences in the United States with "limelight reproductions" of her documents and experiences.
Diana Vaughan, high priestess, Mistress Templar, Chevaliere-elect Palladic, and Inspector General of the Palladium, of the Luciferians, or devil-worshippers, published a book in 1895, telling of her experiences as a member of the strange sect.
Miss Vaughan says she is a descendant of Thomas Vaughan, the famous Rose Croix alchemist, who lived in the days of Cromwell. This Vaughan sold himself to the devil by beheading Archbishop Land and dipping a handkerchief in his blood and burying it. In exchange for this, Satan added thirty-three years to Vaughan's life, told him how to make gold, and presented him with a demon wife. Vaughan came over to America and married the woman from the infernal regions. He lived with her eleven days, at the end of which time they had a child, from which Diana Vaughan is descended.
The woman narrates her Luciferian education, which was conducted by her father and uncle, both noted worshipers of Satan.
Diana Vaughan claims she has seen and conversed with the Prince of Evil several times. Her most important meeting was in Charleston, S.C., where she claims Albert Pike and eleven others introduced her into the sanctum regnum. She was left alone.
"Before me," she says, "was the Palladium, eleven times sacred; the Baphomet, which had served, and still serves, as the model of all others, the Baphomet of the Temple of Paris, and of James Molay, martyr, in the eyes of Masons and Palladists."
Miss Vaughan, after sitting alone for some time, says flames leaped out into the room, seven claps of thunder were heard and she received five blows in the face. Then five spirits appeared and vanished and Lucifer appeared before her on a throne of diamonds. She started to kneel before him, but he told her to remain standing. Miss Vaughan writes of Satan as follows:
"This supreme liar was superb. He appeared to me just as I had pictured him. His manly beauty is indescribable. From his head to his feet, which were alone visible in flesh, unless I except his hands, he was clothed in gold, whose varying colors rendered his garments more magnificent."
Miss Vaughan's book describes a compact made between Satan and a woman named Sophie Waller, by which the latter agreed to become the great-grandmother of the anti-Christ. Lucifer signed his name Bitru, and drew pitchforks and death's hands upon the paper. Crispi, the Italian statesman, Miss Vaughan says, signed the paper as a witness.
Miss Vaughan claims to have become a convert to Christianity in 1895, and in December of that year a commission of the most eminent prelates of Rome began a searching investigation of her pretensions and her books. A report was made February 11, 1896, in which the commission said:
*"As to the alleged disclosures of Diana Vaughan, we are, by the burden of proof now in the position to state that they are collectively and in particular fraudulent and deceitful utterances. We have discovered that Miss Vaughan and her confederates acted in unison with certain Jews well known to us to prey on the credulity of pious Catholics, many of them good and worthy priests, in order to extort money from them." - London correspondence in New York Journal.*

Source: The Milwaukee Journal, Saturday March 27, 1897, Page 15

* N.B. Diana must have been telling the truth because the truth always lies in its own opposite.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: Freemasonry and Satanism

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